As part of a long-standing relationship with the Science Museum, BT supported the creation and launch of the one of the most critically successful and popular galleries in the museum's history, Information Age, as Lead Principal Sponsor. In October 2014, Her Majesty the Queen opened the gallery by sending her first ever tweet, which was relayed to the BT Tower. This sponsorship celebrates BT's heritage story and on-going role in helping to shape the connected world.

Information Age explores the remarkable innovations in communication technology that have transformed our lives over the past 200 years and shows off 800 important gems – 80 of which have been generously donated by BT Heritage and Archives. One of the most spectacular objects on display is the monumental Rugby Radio Station tuning coil, donated to the Science Museum by BT – this huge coil was once part of the most powerful radio transmitter in the world.

Divided into six zones (Networks), Information Age focuses on important transformative events within the development of information and communication technologies. Through sophisticated interactive displays and engaging participative experiences, visitors can uncover personal stories about how our lives have been transformed by communication innovations.