From concept to competitive edge

BT has developed a strong track record of success in working collaboratively with our customers to produce innovative solutions that really benefit customers’ businesses.

We start by engaging with both existing and potential new customers through innovation workshops, which help them think through what they mean by, and expect ‘innovation’ to deliver.

During this ‘concept’ phase we might explore opportunities based on exciting new technologies or offer improvements to existing solutions.

What we’ve found is that small innovations can often refresh a particular service – possibly in an unexpected way.

Competitive edge

As a result, our customers will benefit from new capabilities that improve performance and/or reduce cost, with an aim of delivering business value and potentially giving them competitive edge in their markets.

Then, in the ‘design & delivery’ phases, innovation concepts start to become a reality.

As we go through the ‘optimisation’ phase with the customer, we maintain the momentum and continue to innovate by improving designs, introducing new ideas and often trying alternatives.

Inevitably the time comes to help customers revitalise their IT estate and plan for the next generation of innovative technologies.

We use the depth of understanding that we’ve developed with the customer through the lifecycle, working closely together to evaluate emerging business challenges, changing market conditions and technological advances to determine the next steps in the customer’s journey.