ICT could reduce the UK’s carbon emissions by an estimated 24% a year in 2030. Such solutions to help tackle the climate emergency include established BT products and services like broadband, teleconferencing and cloud networking – and newer innovations such as Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

These carbon-saving products and services help our customers cut energy, fuel and emissions and they’re also helping us grow our business – generating over £5.5bn in revenue in 2019/20.

How we help to reduce CO2e emissions

We’ve now helped our customers save three times as much carbon as our own end-to-end carbon emissions – achieving our 3:1 carbon abatement target one year early.

This year, our carbon-saving products and services helped customers save c.13m tonnes of CO2e. That means for every tonne of CO2e emitted – in our operations, supply chain and from product use – we’ve helped customers save over three tonnes of greenhouse gases.

Our 3:1 ambition