Over two-thirds of our carbon emissions come from our supply chain. Our goal is to reduce scope 3 emissions from our supply chain by 29% from 2016/17 levels by 2030. So far, we’ve worked with suppliers to achieve an 8% reduction to 3 million tonnes, mainly by encouraging suppliers to report to CDP, benchmark their performance and drive emissions reductions. 

Supply chain emissions
Supply chain emissions

Pioneering climate contracts

We’re asking key suppliers to commit to cutting emissions by building an innovative climate clause into their commercial contracts with us. 12 of our key suppliers have signed up so far and we’ve opened discussions with several more. Suppliers that adopt this clause must provide proof that they’ve made carbon savings as one of the deliverables of the contract.

We also encourage key suppliers to follow our example by moving to clean green electricity. This year, 181 (up from 157 last year) of our larger suppliers had made the switch to renewable electricity.

Setting supplier standards

All our suppliers must meet procurement standards that include criteria on energy consumption and environmental performance. We monitor compliance, alongside our requirements on sourcing with human dignity, through supplier assessments.