Technology is rapidly transforming the way people interact with each other and the world. Companies and organisations have never known so much about us. They’re awash with data flowing from every direction, including connected homes, smart cities, workplace automation, healthcare, and security.

But although the continual development of technological innovations presents a wealth of exciting opportunities, many people are worried about the possible consequences of this never-ending headlong rush for the new. According to research by the Edelman Trust Barometer, 60% of people worry that the pace of change in technology is too fast, and almost 30% of tech workers are worried about the work they do having negative impacts.  

We believe that how we use data will determine whether our customers trust us. That’s why trust is central to us and why being a visible leader on responsible technology is part of our corporate strategy.

The Responsible Tech Steering Group

Our Responsible Tech Steering Group tackles the tough tech questions. How might new technology affect different groups of people and what impact could it have on their rights? What could be the unintended consequences of introducing a particular product or service? How can we make sure that tech skills, governance and standards keep up with the pace of change? 

We say ‘we connect for good’. It’s by asking – and answering – these kinds of questions that we make sure we do, with technology that benefits people and minimises harms.