Our reports provide more information about our approach to privacy and free expression online. They also describe how we help protect our customers from online harms, and shed light on the different legal obligations we may have with respect to customer data or access to online content.

An important function of these reports is to show how our business can affect human rights – especially privacy and free expression, and how we’re working with governments, civil society and other stakeholders to manage this.

BT privacy and free expression report 2019

The report updates our 2015 report by explaining our operating model outside the UK, and gives information about the laws on investigatory powers and content blocking in 21 countries (including the UK). We disclose the number of government requests received in those countries, where legally permitted. 

BT privacy and free expression in UK communications 2015

This report provides information about government investigatory powers in the UK, including details about our consultation responses. We also give information about our content blocking and filtering activities in the UK.