These are schemes where criminals contact victims by phone, text, e-mail or by letter. They con people into revealing sensitive information like their bank details and identity. And then use the information to make unauthorised purchases or money transfers.

Scam activity acted on per quarter

Over the last quarter (Jan – March 2020), we've seen scam activity drop by 53% compared with the previous quarter.

We’re really serious about stopping scams. We’re working with customers and national crime agencies to identify fraudulent activity as soon as it’s reported to us but we always want to do more.

We work closely with authorities and with wider industry, both in the UK and globally to target the root causes and have been part of a number of successful operations to cut scam activities.

But criminals are very fast at changing direction and the way they run scams - often to take advantage of our business activities. So when we launch a new BT Sport season we see a hike in sport-related scams. Or when we’re talking about price changes, they mimic our comms and contact people before we do. Scammers play on human vulnerabilities much like in phishing campaigns.