We play a vital role in protecting people from cyber attacks

We want everyone to feel safe when using our technology, so we work behind the scenes to help our customers protect their devices - from both large scale attacks and more targeted attempts to steal data.

Behind the scenes, our Security Operations Centres monitor our customers’ devices 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to spot breaches and potential weaknesses and to keep our network secure. We work to internationally recognised security standards like ISO 27002 (the International Code of Practice for Information Security Management).

As well as protecting our own customers’ data, our global business customers around the world rely on our security services to protect their clients’ details. For full details, visit our website.

Helping our customers understand security incidents and stay ahead of the potential implications

Our Intelligence and Advisory teams analyse key events and incidents delivering reports and insight to help customers understand the implications and implement the right protection strategies. Here are some recent examples:

Man in control centre
Man in control centre

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