The UK’s 5.6 million small businesses are the engines of communities and the backbone of the economy. The challenges brought on by Covid-19 will be felt for many months to come, and to continue to thrive as 5G coverage increases and tech becomes even more central to running a business, it’s important to know how to make the digital world work for businesses.

We’re teaming up with partners like Google Digital Garage and LinkedIn Learning to offer free online and face-to-face training to people running, and working in a variety of small businesses. By 2025, we aim to reach one million small business owners and their employees across the UK.

We’ve also launched a new partnership with Small Business Britain to work with, support and engage small businesses across the UK.

The daily demands of running a business can make it hard for time-pressed entrepreneurs to attend in-person workshops. Our Skills for Tomorrow portal, featuring content from expert partners, gives access to practical training online. Courses on launching, expanding and marketing a business empower users to compete successfully in the digital marketplace. 

Skills for Tomorrow

Start your digital journey with free online or face-to-face courses, designed to empower you and your family with the skills you need today, for a better tomorrow.