The UK’s 5.9m small businesses are the beating heart of our economy, high streets and communities. Covid-19 has hit them hard and many are looking online to power their recovery. We’re equipping entrepreneurs and their teams with the tech skills they need through our Skills for Tomorrow programme. 

Our face-to-face training sessions have gone online this year with over 200 free webinars. We’ve created new learning content on topics like how to protect against cyberattacks, pivot your business online, build an e-commerce website and create a social media strategy. We invited BT colleagues, businesses owners and partners like Small Business Britain, Google Digital Garage and Cisco to join our webinar series and share their knowledge and experience with others. 

We offered guidance and asked well-known business owners and industry experts to share their top tips for success in our popular Let’s Talk About video series.

By the end of March 2026, we want to reach 1m small business owners and their employees with help to improve their digital skills. This year, we launched the Small Business Support Scheme, to help small businesses boost their connectivity, cash flow and confidence. We’ve equipped over 278,000 people in small businesses with free practical digital skills training and advice through online webinars and other resources. Our help is hitting home, with over 90% of entrepreneurs who attend our webinars saying they will change how they run their business.

We’re offering more tailored support through free one-to-one mentoring for small business owners with Digital Boost – a non-profit platform that matches mentors with businesses based on the skills and experience they can offer. BT colleagues, including senior executives, are volunteering to share their expertise on issues ranging from cyber security and social media to marketing and business strategy.

Skills for Tomorrow

Start your digital journey with free online or face-to-face courses, designed to empower you and your family with the skills you need today, for a better tomorrow.