Our networks have never played a more critical role, and they’re holding up well.

We have more than enough capacity in our UK broadband network to handle mass-scale home-working in response to coronavirus. On the EE Mobile network too, data volumes are stable and the network is performing well, despite higher demand for voice calls. Our Network Operations Centre teams are monitoring network performance around the clock to identify any issues and resolve them as rapidly as possible. And if more broadband or mobile network capacity is needed, our engineers are on standby 24/7 to make that happen.

  • Our broadband network is built to accommodate evening peak network capacity, which is driven by data-heavy things like video streaming and game downloads, for example.
  • By comparison, data requirements for work-related applications like video calls and daytime email traffic represent a fraction of this.
  • Even if the same heavy data traffic that we see each evening were to run throughout the daytime, there is still enough capacity for work applications to run simultaneously.
  • Our mobile network is also built to accommodate greater traffic volumes than we’re currently seeing, though with more people staying at home, the way we exercise, stay in touch and keep ourselves entertained has changed – and mobile usage reflects that.
  • Mobile data traffic has slightly fallen as more people are connecting to home WiFi, but voice traffic has risen as we seek to stay connected to work, friends and family.
  • We’re finding there’s a new morning peak for mobile voice calls between 9am and noon, where customers are making more frequent and longer calls such as conference calls.
  • Another big difference we’re seeing is a rise in uplink usage from two-way video calling. Whatsapp and Tik Tok usage are also up significantly. Gaming too is also showing a large percentage rise in usage, but that represents a much smaller volume of traffic on mobile.
  • We’re constantly monitoring and managing capacity to ensure we’re able to give our customers the best bandwidth possible, and our mobile engineers remain ready to work with land-owners and building occupants to help safely perform any planned and unplanned work.