BT plays a critical role in powering the UK’s digital infrastructure. These are unprecedented times, but we’re committed to maintaining all of our services to the best of our ability.

Since the first reports of coronavirus, we’ve been planning for scenarios where the spread of the virus may impact our customers, our colleagues and the essential services we provide.

Advised by our internal Chief Medical Officer, we’re taking active steps to keep our people and our customers safe, whilst prioritising our support for critical services, and keeping the UK online. That’s why so many of our frontline people (engineers and contact centre colleagues) have been designated as key workers, as set out by the Government, so they can continue to come into work albeit with Government and public health-compliant measures in place.

This work is being overseen at the highest level within BT. Our dedicated programme team are coordinating with the British Government, and with relevant authorities worldwide. We’re working closely with our key contractors, partners and suppliers to ensure they can continue to support our services for consumers and businesses.

We have well established business continuity plans and we’re following international health guidance and Government advice - including the guidance issued by the World Health OrganisationPublic Health England and from the devolved nations.

What we've been saying

Home broadband, mobile and BT Sport customers

The services we provide to our home broadband, mobile and BT Sport customers have never played a more important role, and we’re working hard to keep our customers connected. We’re also helping them with a range of new initiatives across our mobile and broadband products.

Customers should check these sites regularly for updates.

Man with laptop homeworking

UK business

We are committed to maintaining all of our business services to the best of our ability and are confident that our network is able to support the increased demand for home working. We’re taking a number of steps to provide support to our business customers during this crisis.

View of Europe from space

Global customers

We’re helping our customers keep their global businesses running by making sure they can continue to communicate and collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers all over the globe.

Female Openreach engineer


Openreach is playing its part in limiting the impact of coronavirus on society, the economy and its employees. They are working very closely with Communications Provider customers, including BT, to do that. 

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