In 2014, we became the Principal Sponsor of Scottish Rugby and the exclusive stadium naming sponsor of Murrayfield.

Back in 2018, this partnership was then extended until 2021, enabling us to continue to tell our brand story on a national level.

Since then we have played a key role in supporting the growth and success the SRU have experienced both on and off the field.

The Scottish Rugby team is a national symbol that enables us to showcase our new brand image and ambition in both the Scottish region and across the United Kingdom.

We continue to celebrate our significant role in Scottish society as we look to go ‘Beyond Limits’ together with the fans. 

BT: Connecting the team

At a time when staying connected couldn’t be more important, we worked with the Scottish Rugby Union to provide them with key BT products and services for them to utilise.

Through our connectivity we have:

  • Enabled the team to improve performance both on and off the pitch
  • Increased the creative ability for how the team approach the analysis of matches, training and individual players
  • Improved the connectivity with the players during lockdown periods due to the COVID-19 global pandemic
  • Supported wider departments within the SRU such as social media that has enabled the national team to stay connected with fans

Check out how Scottish Rugby’s lead performance analyst, Gavin Vaughan, believes BT’s support has improved the national team’s set-up.

BT: One of the team

A first of its kind immersive experience using virtual reality, haptic suits and ambisonic audio in October 2019, BT went through its biggest rebrand in 20 years and launched the new brand strategy, “Beyond Limits”. This was the perfect time to create and deliver a unique, authentic and technology driven activation to showcase in the Scottish region and across the UK

The VR Haptic experience demonstrates a new technology that pushes broadcasting limits and brings fans closer to the game like never before.

Using a combination of virtual reality headsets, haptic suits and ambisonic audio, we created a VR experience that immerses the fan in the heart of the Scotland Nationalaura Team training session. This is the first time a motion-controlled robot camera has filmed in VR at human sprinting pace, up to 30mph. The camera itself was one of only two ‘meta cameras’ in existence and a high-end prototype. 

To launch the experience, we rewarded a grassroots rugby club by inviting them to demo the VR / Haptic experience at BT Murrayfield hosted in the national teams changing room. The reactions from the fans, players and legends were fantastic and demonstrated the lifelike quality of the VR experience. These reactive moments were captured on camera to feature in our ‘making of’ films.

Take a look at how we brought this to life by watching our clips below