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Visually impaired female footballer

Think you know your football?

Did you know, there are 17 national representative Para teams that you can get behind across the four Home Nation FAs in seven forms of impairment-specific football; Blind, Partially Sighted, Deaf, Cerebral Palsy, Powerchair, Learning Disability & Amputee.  

Bev Channlor - She’s one of our own

BT staff and 4-3-3 squad members Bev & her husband John are true ambassadors of the game, and stalwarts of grassroots football, firm believers that sport should be totally inclusive and open to everyone.

Covid has made Bev realise just how important football is to their family and they have started out on a journey to set up a disability team at their local club Spennymoor FC, in their next step to push inclusivity one step further. “I’m really looking forward to it,” John says. “It’s football for all and a great opportunity to bring more players onboard."

Bev Channlor and family
Bev Channlor and family

Amputee footballer using crutches
Amputee footballer using crutches

Inspiring stories from the 4 Home Nations

Discover six inspiring people who show why we should all know more about disability football and why it is set to become even more popular in the future.

Dylan McCready, Goalkeeper, Linfield disability team, Belfast
Rebecca Sellar, Footballer, Scotland Amputee team
Steve Daley, Head Coach and former captain, England Partially Sighted team
Garmon Edwards-Jones, Midfielder, Henllan FC, Wales
Bev & John Challinor, Volunteers, Spennymoor FC, Bishop Auckland
Marcus Harrison, England Powerchair footballer, Liverpool