BT has offices across Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the English regions, providing insight into the issues that impact on organisations and people at a local level. BT is uniquely positioned to work in partnership across the Group, to design solutions to meet the challenges and opportunities of geographies across the UK.

BT’s activity in the UK supports an estimated total of 290,000 FTE jobs (including indirect and induced effects). The overall impact of BT's activities, expressed as a "Gross Value Added" (GVA) to the UK economy, combining the direct, indirect and induced impacts of our activities and spending, is estimated to be £22.8 billion. As a result of the full economic impact of BT, the firm supported £1 in every £75 of GVA in the UK economy and 1 in every 90 employees working in the UK. 

As well as direct employment and investment, BT provides significant support to business organisations, nurtures technology companies in their early stages and collaborates with universities and other institutions. BT also provides funding and in-kind support to charities, local community organisations, and grassroots sports. We’re creating a culture of volunteering with 39% of our people giving more than 37,000 days of their time to support charitable organisations across the UK.

The breadth of our work spans across the UK and examples of our activities in the nations and regions can be found on a dedicated part of the BT website.

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