Landline and broadband switching

Sometimes, customers tell us they’ve been transferred to another phone company without their knowledge or consent - a practice known as mis-selling or slamming. General Condition C7 prohibits underhand sales and marketing activities, and applies to domestic and small business landline and broadband customers.

At BT, we have effective systems in place to ensure customers can easily change their service when they need to. This applies to landline and broadband services for customers deciding to leave BT for another communications provider, those moving home, or those who are simply changing the services they receive from us. We will always give accurate information about the services to be provided and ensure that we have the customer’s consent to make any changes.

Where a customer is switching away from us, they will receive a letter which clearly sets out the details of the switch, any early termination charges due, and the impact of the switch on any remaining products and services. Customers can switch simply by placing an order with a new provider; they don’t have to contact the losing provider if they don’t want to.

Mobile mis-selling and slamming

Similarly, mobile customer sometimes tell us they’ve also been transferred to another provider without their knowledge or consent. General Condition C8 is designed to stop these practices. It applies to domestic and small business customers and explains the rules communications providers should adhere to when selling and marketing their mobile and text services, as well as giving Ofcom the power to act when they don’t.

If you can’t access the documents, we’ll send you a printed copy free of charge.

If you’re a home phone customer, call 0800 800 150 (Mon - Fri, 8am – 9pm, Sat 8am – 8pm, Sun 9am – 6pm).

If you’re a business customer, call 0800 800 152 (Mon - Fri 8am - 6pm, Sat 8am - 1pm).

Our policy

We give our people the right training to make sure you’re sold the right product and you know exactly what you’re buying. All our sales people follow the rules and regulations to make sure you’re protected.

But however hard we try, sometimes things will go wrong. If they do, we want to know as quickly as possible so we can put them right. So, if something does please tell us about it.

Mis-selling – find out what it is and how to stop it.