Ensuring we can access the right talent to deliver the skills and technological improvements our business needs is key. This investment starts at an early age - in the last year, we provided training and work placements to help 810 young people improve digital skills and get ready for work, exceeding our commitment to the UK Government. 

  • We hired more than 2,100 new apprentices across the group in the past year, with ambitious plans to recruit a further 4,600. BT believes that a flexible, modern Apprenticeship programme that takes account of the changing needs of a modern workforce.

    Read our 2017 report with Accenture below on how, with a concerted effort from business, government and civil society, boosting the next generation’s technology skills can super-charge social mobility and economic growth.

    You can also read more here about BT’s Work Ready Programme, which helps unemployed 16-24 year olds get into the workplace, and Barefoot, BT’s primary school computing programme.

  • This year, excluding acquisitions, BT Group hired almost 14,100 people, of which almost 10,100 were UK-based. We’re also giving many skilled agency workers a permanent employee status.

    Across the Group we’re committed to the principles of ethical behaviour and respecting human rights. We're a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and we've committed to implementing the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. In August 2016 we published our first Modern Slavery Act Statement and you can read our latest statement below.

  • Our diversity and inclusion strategy

    Inclusion and diversity is really important for us at BT. It’s about making sure that we:

    • work in an inclusive way
    • value the benefits that difference can bring
    • actively seek out difference and diversity across the business

    Being a diverse, inclusive and brilliant place to work, is top of our agenda. And we’re being recognised for it. Last year, we were included in The Times’ Top 50 Employers for Women, Top Employers for Race and in the VERCIDA Top 10 LGBT Employers of 2017.

    There are many benefits to ensuring that we foster a culture of inclusivity and diversity

    As a diverse business, we ensure that we:

    1. Understand our customers better
      Research has found the more inclusive and diverse an organisation is, the better they’re able to serve a broad customer base.
    2. Keep up our reputation for innovation
      Again, external research shows that inclusion and diversity drives greater innovation, which fits well with our culture of developing ideas.
    3. Unlock the power of our people
      Having a mix of people empowers our teams to be authentic and balanced, so they achieve more. And it helps us attract the best people from different sources.

    But we can only achieve all this if we create an environment of inclusion

    An environment where everyone who has the ability and mind-set to succeed can succeed, regardless of age, race, religion, sexuality, background, gender or any other difference.

    What does the inclusion and diversity strategy look like?

    We’ve split our strategy in to four areas:

    In practice, this means we:

    • Make sure BT is fair and equal for all the people that work here
      No matter what their background. We operate within a clear legal framework – but more than that, we focus on eliminating any potential bias that might exist in the way we do things.
    • Work to make sure BT is inclusive
      People should be able to progress, no matter their background or working pattern. We want everyone to feel able to be themselves, and the best they can be.
    • Put the right policies, processes and programmes in place
      All these things need to support us in growing our workforce wherever we have gaps – both in terms of people’s backgrounds and the different type of thinking they can bring.

    Gender diversity

    BT’s third Gender Pay Gap report outlines the reasons for our overall median gender pay gap of 4.8 per cent and the plans we have in place to continue to drive diversity at every level of our business.

    Diversity on BT Sport

    Ofcom produces an annual report on the diversity make-up of the broadcast industry. As part of our broadcast licence obligations, we submit diversity data to Ofcom for all employees with roles directly related to broadcasting

    At BT Sport we run an Apprenticeship scheme in conjunction with Skillset, which is an 18-month programme. This is a paid apprenticeship scheme aimed at 18-24 year olds, particularly targeted to those living within the Olympic boroughs (Newham, Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest and Greenwich) in order to better reflect the local community and promote employment opportunities to those from differing social, economic and ethnic backgrounds. From our first intake (completed in summer 2017), all six apprentices have gained full-time employment and have been promoted within roles at BT Sport. Our second intake of six apprentices joined in September 2017.

  • We’re committed to helping to build a culture of tech literacy in the UK. We believe that having the confidence to use everyday technology, to understand how it works and the role it can play in shaping society, is as important for the next generation as reading and writing.

    You can read our latest report on digital impact and sustainability below or visit the dedicated area on BT’s website