Complaints from external stakeholders

One of the CAO’s responsibilities is to handle complaints from communications providers (CPs) if they suspect that BT is in breach of the Commitments or Governance Protocol. The CAO investigates any relevant complaints it receives and reports its findings to the BTCC, which decides on what action, if any, will result from the complaint.

You can submit a compliance to the CAO using the CAO’s guidelines: 

The guidelines apply only to BT’s compliance with the Commitments, not to BT’s wider compliance and regulatory framework, or to BT’s overall service levels.

Complaints about Openreach’s compliance with the Commitments should in the first instance be addressed to CMO using the CMO's guidelines.

Complaints from within BT

The CAO reports to the BTCC on complaints made to BT’s confidential helpline by BT employees. Where appropriate, the CAO will follow up any internal complaint irrespective of the outcome of an investigation elsewhere in BT. Relevant findings will be reported to the BTCC so that it can take any necessary action.