The BT Compliance Committee (BTCC) was established as part of the Commitments offered by BT to Ofcom following Ofcom's Digital Communications Review. It was established in December 2017.

The BTCC is a committee of the Board of Directors of BT Group plc Board. Its role is set out in the Committee’s Terms of Reference.

In short, the BTCC’s monitoring role reviews BT’s performance in delivering the Commitments and the supporting Governance Protocol. It also monitors BT’s compliance with the letter of the Commitments and Governance Protocol, the behaviours and culture of BT people, i.e. whether they are living up to the Commitments, and BT’s achievement of the outcomes for consumers and industry that we want to see.

The BTCC will also assess complaints regarding the Commitments from communications providers and provides reports on BT’s performance to Ofcom as prescribed by the Commitments.

The BTCC is supported by the Commitments Assurance Office (the CAO).

This site explains how the BTCC and the CAO work in practice and how communications providers can get involved in its work.

Note that monitoring of Openreach’s compliance with the Commitments (and the Undertakings) is the responsibility of the Openreach Board Audit and Risk Committee (OBARCC). If you have a query about Openreach compliance, please refer to the Commitments Monitoring Office which supports the OBARCC.