SME case studies

East of England

  • Lancaster Way

    Lancaster Way became the first business park in the UK to fund its own fibre broadband cabinet after their management team decided it needed faster broadband to attract more business clients to its 175 acre estate. Alongside the case study is a short video showcasing the impact and benefits of fibre broadband.

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  • Craft ICT

    Based in the quiet but thriving rural village of Mundford and offers databases in the cloud to customers around the world. They were one of the first to sign up to high-speed fibre broadband, knowing it was exactly what they needed to make their business run more efficiently. They have seen their broadband speeds rocket as a result and also benefited from hardware and electricity cost savings as they no longer need to own internal servers. It's also reduced travel costs and enabled them to offer a more cost-effective service to customers.

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East Midlands

  • Gusto Group

    This is a construction and manufacturing group operating on the Nottinghamshire/Lincolnshire border. They use the latest construction techniques and new energy efficient technologies, taking the best the world has to offer and providing it for their customers – 'thinking globally, growing locally'. Superfast broadband has paid dividends for client and project communications as well as transforming the way Gusto Group operates.

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  • Village Powers Own Fibre Broadband

    This case study is a good example of how a rural community came together to raise the funds to ensure that fibre broadband was available in their village. They raised a total of £15,000 in four weeks and, after carefully considering all options available, they decided to go with the BT solution which offers an open access network giving them competitive pricing and a choice of products from a wide range of providers.

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  • Lilleker and King

    This is a long established firm of Derbyshire accountants. Upgrading to fibre optic broadband has helped their business to become much more productive. It allows everyone in the office to work online simultaneously and downloading large files is significantly quicker. It also allows homeworking and flexible working for the staff.

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  • Porism Limited

    Develop bespoke database systems for the web. Superfast broadband has helped this award-winning organisation produce better software more quickly. Reliable high speed broadband means they can draw on resources worldwide with minimal costs. It also enhances the work they do with clients and has transformed their business prospects. Fibre broadband means they don't need a central London presence to make an impact and have the bandwidth to compete on an equal footing with city based companies.

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North East

  • Shepherds Walks

    The NE of England's largest walking provider after its proprietor moved from shepherding sheep in Northumberland to shepherding people. Providing bespoke tours, all booking systems and databases are now online using fibre broadband. As well as supporting all aspects of their walking business, Superfast broadband has helped expand into new markets, providing financial as well as operational benefits. It has also helped employees get more from their jobs so they are happy at work and much more productive.

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  • BeeBox Systems

    Provides background music systems and digital signage across the North East, and increasingly, throughout the country. Bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants and family entertainment centres now automatically download BeeBox's content. Fibre broadband has helped BeeBox Systems to revolutionise the way music and information is delivered to the licenced trade and leisure industry, helping the company grow from a Blyth back bedroom 'good idea' to a thriving concern today.

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  • Gallery 45

    Gallery 45 is a former village pub in Northumberland which has been completely transformed to provide a creative space boasting an art gallery, artist studios and coffee shop and rental space used by the local community. Superfast broadband has helped grow the business locally, nationally and internationally.

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North West

  • If Agency

    The If Agency is an integrated creative agency based in South Manchester, delivering effective online and offline campaigns to clients across the UK. Superfast fibre broadband services have changed the way the award-winning agency works and its relationship with its clients. Superfast broadband has boosted the performance of every single element of their core IT function resulting in a game changing improvement in the service they can offer.

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  • The Leading Edge Hair and Beauty Salon

    A hair and beauty salon has seen a 33% growth in the three months since upgrading to fibre broadband. Online booking, PlayStation and free wifi for customers are just a few of the ways they are using fibre. And staff are able to log in remotely to the booking system to check when their appointments are the next day.

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  • Wild Things

    An online children's clothing company run by a busy Mum of three says fibre broadband is saving her time and allowing her to devote more time to other aspects of her business and spend precious time with her family.

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South East

  • Sandy Balls

    An award-winning holiday village in the New Forest, providing a range of different accommodation. Holiday makers now expect to have easy internet access throughout their stay. Superfast broadband enables guests to share holiday moments via social media, find out about places to visit and things to do, as well as keep up-to-date back home via email. Fibre broadband has also made a real difference to the company's systems, all adding up to a better service for holidaymakers.

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South West

  • Digital Inclusion

    This Community case study shows how superfast broadband can make digital inclusion an everyday reality. This example from Cornwall shows how a small charitable organisation of 19 affiliated churches are working together to ensure that fibre broadband is making a real difference for everybody in the community, helping people keep in touch with friends, families, events and also get online to access information and services.

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  • Cosmic

    An award-winning social enterprise providing IT advice, training, web design and technical support across the South West. The success and growth of their ethical business has been underpinned by high speed fibre broadband which has improved project and customer communications, boosted productivity and allowed clients to be more involved. At the back end, the technical support team now give a better response to remote support services and deliver faster fixes; at the front end in meetings and training sessions, presenters can deliver better quality presentations and stream content.

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  • Natural Generation Ltd

    Delivers renewable energy and energy management solutions in the SW of England and across the country. Based in Cornwall they were one of the first small businesses to order superfast broadband. The company has moved to a full cloud-based package giving them extra security, allowing them to operate as usual in bad weather and ensuring the business is not at risk from a flood or fire in the office. Superfast broadband is the platform for future growth as they upload high definition videos on their website and use for a high quality webcam experience.

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Superfast Cornwall Labs

This short video features the collaborative research and innovation programme “Superfast Cornwall Labs”. The Labs have involved a multitude of university and industrial researchers, including many of BT's own research team. The results of 3 years research, this film demonstrates the economic, social and environmental impact of superfast broadband in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Superfast Cornwall

Tregothnan Tea Grows with Superfast Broadband Tregothnan Tea is the only tea plantation in the UK. The estate, located in Cornwall, is using their superfast broadband connection to grow their business, improve customer service and connect all areas of the Tregothnan estate. This short video shows how Superfast broadband is making Tregothnan the most connected tea garden in the world.

West Midlands

  • Eureka Financial Solutions

    A financial services company that deals with mortgages, insurance, pensions and investments with a network of advisers that has grown across England and Scotland. Superfast broadband has transformed the way the company is run, improving business efficiency and reducing communication costs with a fast seamless service between offices. Clients want clear, accurate and timely information and guidance, and that's what fibre broadband also enables them to deliver.

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  • Sutton Coldfield

    This case study shows how the town centres businesses came together to form a Business Improvement District (BID) to ensure that the town centre had a good broadband service which they recognised as essential for the towns prosperity and economic success.

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  • TLM Laser

    A national and international provider of laser machines, products and services. Fibre broadband has provided this company with a platform for growth, enabling them to create and provide new products and services, as well as cutting running costs and improving communications. Using the power and flexibility of fibre broadband they have made real changes in the way they work and are now recognised as a serious player in the market.

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Yorkshire & Humber

  • Curved World Woodworks

    A Withernsea based enterprise launched by a former office worker who quit his job of 30 years to become a bespoke cabinet maker. Company owner, Michael Barnfather said he would not have been able to do this without superfast broadband.

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  • Just Jelly

    A culinary venture run from a family home and selling to delicatessens, artisan food suppliers, restaurants and gastro pubs. Huge improvements in broadband speeds means their website is both attractive and responsive: high resolution photos now entice new customers, bringing a taste of Yorkshire to anyone, anywhere. Superfast broadband has also made life better for the rest of the family as everyone can all be online, doing whatever they need to do, at the same time.

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  • Energy Unlimited

    Provides advice and support on the planning, development and construction of their renewable energy projects. Superfast broadband has transformed the way the company works and its business prospects have improved radically with the company employing new staff and quadrupling its turnover. Building its own business model on a superfast broadband platform means the company can respond to clients changing interests and develop and launch its own new services.

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  • Daioni

    A dairy farm in the heart of the mountains of west Wales, whose premium quality organic milk and dairy products now reach customers as far afield as China. Daioni's founder and director, Laurence Harris, explains how fibre broadband has helped this most essentially rural of businesses to grow and become a global brand.

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  • Corgi Hosiery

    A family-run business which began in 1892 making socks for local mineworkers. Fibre broadband has provided a platform for a surge in Corgi's ecommerce trade, doubling in 2 years. Corgi's website and retail business has flourished in this period, growing the workforce by 10% to meet increased demand as a global luxury goods brand. They have also been able to cut costs and address their environmental responsibilities by reducing the amount of paper they use.

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  • Home Style Furnishing Centre Ltd

    A family-run business which has operated for over 20 years. Access to superfast broadband has allowed them to use the internet effectively for the first time. The website now supports the shop and the shop supports the website with customers getting a more complete service, resulting in increased sales. Suppliers share their latest products online as well as plans for future products. Marketing now includes Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Customers benefit from decades of experience in the furniture industry and a physical shop presence with an easy to use online service.

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  • Nato Summit Wales 2014

    A case study detailing how BT delivered the communications requirements for the NATO Summit in Wales 2014. Delivered in just six weeks, the BT network served 4,000 delegates and 1,500 global media reporters with full security and 100% availability. This required a multi-disciplinary, cross functional team from across BT involving around 55 BT engineers. BT has a track record in major event communications projects including the G8 conference in Northern Ireland, the Commonwealth Games in Scotland and the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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  • The Factory

    Formally known as the Pop Factory is a multi-purpose building situated in Porth. Not only is it a music venue with capacity for 300 people, it contains an art gallery, hosts local learning events and even rents office space to local businesses.

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The Welsh Government and European Regional Development Fund has also jointly funded a programme of free advice for businesses who want know how they can make the most of digital technologies.

So far, the Superfast Business Wales programme has helped more than 3000 Welsh businesses to use digital to potentially reduce the cost of running their business, as well as save time, grow profits and improve stability.

Find out what support Superfast Business Wales can offer you and see how Welsh Businesses in your area have benefited, just like you can.


  • An A to Z of Fibre Broadband

    A useful one pager which outlines some of the many features and benefits of fibre broadband. Can be used for reference or as a leave behind at meetings or events.

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  • Superfast Cornwall Story

    A brochure which tells the story of how Superfast Cornwall has transformed lives by creating the worlds biggest rural fibre broadband network.

    pdf - 2.73 MB

A selection of short videos which demonstrates progress with fibre deployment in Scotland.

BT Cymru Wales - a lot more than wires, cables and phone lines – (2 minutes) (5 minutes)
BT Cymru Wales - llawer mwy na gwifrau, ceblau a llinellau ffôn - (2 funud) (5 munud)

  • BT at the heart of Wales - An accompanying one pager

    BT has a significant presence in Wales employing around 4,000 people throughout the country. We spend £284 million with suppliers based in Wales. And our total Gross Value Added (GVA) to the Welsh economy is an estimated £774 million. We’re committed to helping make Wales a better connected country and a truly digital nation.

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