BT is at the heart of Scotland, delivering innovative and exciting communications for all

BT is at the heart of Scotland, delivering innovative and exciting communications for all. BT has a significant presence in Scotland and is a major employer and investor – employing 7,700 people and contributing £1,200m in economic impact.

BT is at the forefront of driving technology change and securing the UK’s digital infrastructure. BT in Scotland continues to invest in high-speed innovation, networks and services nationwide to shape a better, brighter future for generations to come. The telecommunications world is changing rapidly and business, government and the people of Scotland need to be aware of new developments and the potential they hold for increasing our prosperity and improving our quality of life. As a trusted service provider and advisor to private and public sector businesses across Scotland, BT’s specialist teams work in conjunction with external experts to develop and provide advice. More than ever, cyber security needs to become a focus for all of us and our businesses and companies need to look at security not simply as a defence exercise, but as a means of innovating digitally and, ultimately, growing.

Our networks, products and services are changing the way we live – at home, at work, in health, education, government and the community. People can communicate anywhere, anytime, using whatever device they choose. Levels of choice and control at home, at work or out and about have never been greater, whether you’re watching BTTV and Sport or checking your e-mail in the centre of Glasgow. We see information and communication technology as the key to unlocking our potential as a nation, improving prosperity and quality of life for all. We champion diversity in the workplace to help ensure we have a workforce that represents society, including a leadership development programme for women.

Our Skills for Tomorrow programme is a new online and community training programme designed to provide essential digital skills training for school children, families and businesses. We are also proud to support Scottish rugby and the BT Murrayfield Stadium. BT has signed a multi-year partnership with the Scottish FA and is the exclusive lead partner of all the men’s, women’s, youth and disability international teams in Scotland. We are committed to helping tackle climate change and the environmental challenges and buy 100% of the energy required to run our business in Scotland from windfarms in the Scottish Borders (Fallago Rig) and Caithness (Stroupster).

 The Economic Impact of BT Group plc in Scotland

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BT Group UK Nations and Regions Director

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BT Group Head of Policy and Public Affairs Scotland & Nations

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