BT plays a significant role in both the economic and social life of Northern Ireland, delivering innovative and exciting communications for everyone.

We enable our customers to communicate anywhere, anytime, using whatever device they choose.

Our networks, products and services are changing the way we live – at home, at work, in health, education, government and the community.

BT’s investment in broadband infrastructure has been key to connecting Northern Ireland internally and with the rest of the world. Currently, 50% of Northern Ireland has access to Ultrafast broadband. Reaching this significant milestone shows that Openreach is well on its journey to upgrade its network and to bring ultrafast, ultra-reliable full fibre broadband to 525,000 premises, which is over 60% of premises, by the end of March 2021. It firmly places Northern Ireland at top of the charts as the most digitally connected region in the UK and on its way to achieving the Government’s target of 100% coverage of 1GB speeds by 2025.

BT Group directly employs 2,650 people in Northern Ireland, with a further 579 employed as contractors. This is equivalent to one in every 10 employees working in the Northern Ireland IT and communications sectors, reinforcing its position as one of the region’s leading employers. BT Group is responsible for generating £1 in every £65 produced in Northern Ireland and BT has spent nearly £154 million with suppliers based here.

BT is also the UK’s third largest investor in R&D, spending some £662 million last year, allowing us to stay at the forefront of a rapidly changing world. Our R&D Centre in Belfast employs around 240 people and is a key technology hub for BT Group worldwide, designing and developing many innovations across BT TV, BT Sport, broadband and mobile. We further invested in that capability in 2017 by opening a new multi-million pound Innovation Centre in Belfast. The Innovation Centre plays a crucial role in global research and development capability, focusing on advanced research into the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics for customer experience, cyber security and 5G communications.

We’re committed to being a responsible company. Our corporate responsibility programme in Northern Ireland focuses on using our technology to support STEM education and digital skills, to fight digital exclusion and to protect the environment.

BT is committed to having a positive impact on communities living and working in Northern Ireland. We will continue to invest in high-speed innovation, networks, services and jobs to shape a better, brighter future for generations to come.

On these pages we outline some of the main aspects of our work in Northern Ireland.

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