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BT Basic

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BT Basic is a simple, low-cost telephone service.

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  • Broadband

    Broadband is a permanent high-speed internet connection. It works over your home phone line to send and receive digital information and is 'always-on'

  • Address Book

    An address book is where you can store details of your friends' email addresses in your email program. When you want to send one of your friends an email, just add their email address from your address book.

  • Chat

    Online chat is a real time conversation with another person over the internet. Most chat programs let you type in a window on a website's chat room, some even provide video capability. A useful example is by using a special chat program, like Sign Video, BSL users can communicate in sign language with a BT advisor.

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Phone: BT Synergy 6500


  • Sight
  • Understanding & using technology
  • Mobility
  • Nuisance


Call Control enables you to filter the calls you want to take and block the ones you don't.

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Phone: BT Big Button 200


  • Sight
  • Dexterity & small buttons
  • Understanding & using technology

BT Big Button 200

It has large, well spaced buttons – ideal for anyone who struggles to see a smaller keypad.

Unwanted calls

Unwanted calls If you're having trouble with unwanted or malicious calls, there are several ways we can help.

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We have over 200 Try Before You Buy centres around the country, so you can see and handle all our phones before you decide to buy.

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