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Helpful accessories

Our accessories can help make life a bit easier – whether you want an additional sound alert when your phone rings, or the ability to hear what's happening in another part of your home.

BT ToneCaller

The BT ToneCaller makes it easier to know when the phone is ringing, with an extra sound alert to let you know you've got a call.

Key Features

The BT ToneCaller helps make sure you know when someone's calling you:

  • Ringtone volume control – set the loudness to a level you're comfortable with
  • Four different ringtones – choose a ringtone that you can hear most easily
  • 3 metre (9 feet 8 inches) cable – so you can place the ToneCaller where it's most useful
  • Small box – the ToneCaller is neat and inobtrusive
  • Available on long-term loan, free of charge
  • Adapter also available on long-term loan, free of charge

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