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Are you a Digital Champion?

Have you helped someone get online?

Or thinking of giving someone a helping hand? Either way, pledge to get the UK online and become a Digital Champion.

Just tell us who you've helped – or are planning to help – and with one quick and easy sign up, we'll register you for the Digital Champions network.

Becoming part of the Digital Champions network is rewarding and fun. You'll regularly receive an exclusive e-newsletter with inspiring stories from other Digital Champions, information on local events and courses for internet beginners, as well as special offers to help you help others get online. You'll also be able to share ideas with, and get advice from, other Digital Champions.

Become a Digital Champion

How do I become a Digital Champion?

Whether you've helped your gran send an email, introduced your neighbour to online shopping, or installed your dad's new webcam, we want you to become part of the Digital Champions network.

Becoming a Digital Champion is easy. Simply sign up here, and tell us how you helped someone get online.

Help someone get online

Register for free courses and help someone get online today.

With one simple sign up with Go ON you'll get access to a fantastic range of online courses.

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Tell us your story

Do you have an experience to share?

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Success stories

Gabby Logan

The internet lets me do so much with just a click of a button and it's so easy!

Gabby Logan, TV Broadcaster

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