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Hearing better on the phone

Using the phone affects everybody's hearing. We hear things differently through a handset because the sounds are changed. Over your lifetime your hearing changes too. People's hearing starts to change naturally, so if you think your hearing has changed it's quite normal.

Take a hearing check now

Most people just aren't aware if their hearing is changing. Because it's such a gradual process it's quite hard to notice. That's where the check is helpful.

We want to get more people to check their own hearing online because hearing problems identified early are a lot easier to treat.

  • Check yourself

    If you've had any concerns at all about your hearing recently it's better to be safe than sorry. Taking the Action for Hearing Loss hearing check can be done online or on the phone. The online check even works on smart phones.

    Read more about taking a check online
    • More about

      About the check

      • It's been designed to be really simple for you to complete. You can do it instantly so no need to make an appointment
      • The Action on Hearing Loss check will only take you 5 minutes. It won't cost you a penny if you take it online* and you'll definitely learn a lot even if you don't need to take further action
      • The check is not a clinical assessment but it's a very helpful indicator should you need one from your GP
      • Once you've taken the check you'll get a result straight away along with some advice about what to do next
      • Don't worry. It's fully confidential. You won't even be asked to give any personal details
      Take the online hearing check

      *checks carried out from a phone are chargeable

  • How the check works

    The online and telephone checks measure how well you can hear someone talking. They check your hearing in a real life way using situations with background noise. It's just as if you're listening to someone talking across a crowded room.

    Read more about how the check works
    • More about
      • A voice will say 3 random numbers for you to hear and repeat using your keypad
      • This happens up to 20 times
      • Don't worry if you find it difficult, it is designed that way to check your hearing properly
      • That's all there is to it
      Read more about the hearing check
  • Professional advice

    This check is designed to identify people who may have hearing loss. If you know you have hearing loss or use hearing aids already please consult your GP or audiologist for advice about your hearing.

    Read more about professional advice
    • More about
      • It does not cover all aspects of hearing and is not a medical diagnosis. It doesn't assess your ability to understand speech through hearing aids
      • It is not suitable for people under 14 years old
      • If you'd like a full hearing assessment, ask your GP for a referral to the ENT or Audiology department at your local hospital
      • You may also like to think about using one of the many high street retailers, who also offer a range of hearing services
      Take the online hearing check

      *checks carried out from a phone are chargeable


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