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Hearing better on the phone

Using the phone affects everybody's hearing. We hear things differently through a handset because the sounds are changed. Over your lifetime your hearing changes too. People's hearing starts to change naturally, so if you think your hearing has changed it's quite normal.

Tips to help you hear better

Learn what you can do so your hearing loss doesn't get the better of you when you talk to your family and friends.

  • Using the phone

    If your hearing loss makes it difficult to use the phone there are a few things that can make life easier for you. If you don't know the caller, explain to them you have difficulty hearing on the phone and not to rush. If it's someone you know, try explaining to them they don't need to shout but it can help if they talk slowly and clearly.

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      Useful tips

      You might find it helpful to try some of these things yourself. We've put these tips together with Hearing Link:

      • If you're not sure what someone has said ask them to repeat the sentence
      • Ask them to say the sentence in a different way if you still can't understand
      • Check important words by spelling them out loud
      • Double check numbers or letters – you can even list the alphabet if it helps
      • Repeat the information back at the end of the call just to be sure

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  • How to hold your phone

    The way you hold your phone can make a big difference if you want to hear clearly when you're having a conversation:

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      1. Check you are holding the phone earpiece correctly
      2. Look at the earpiece and you will find some small holes
      3. Make sure these holes are directly in front of the entrance to your ear hole when you listen to the phone
      4. Hold the earpiece right against your ear so there's no gap
      5. You now have the perfect position
  • More help with phones

    If you have other difficulties when using a phone, there are some other helpful sections on this site. For help with vision, speaking, mobility, or for people with learning disabilities, go to our Including You homepage or have a look at our helpful Including You: BT's guide to help you communicate.

    Download Including You: BTs Guide to help you communicate

    Inclusive products

    There are plenty of great products available now for people with hearing loss. BT has a range of phones you can use with your hearing aid, as well as other devices to make your calling easier.

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Understanding hearing impairments

It's not always obvious when someone you're calling has a hearing impairment. Find out what the signs are and what you can do to make things easier.

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