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Setting up your phone

Our phones are easy to set up and use – but it's important you follow any instructions that come with them, as there may be small differences in the way they work.

  • Getting started with your phone

    Here are some other general tips that might help you with your phone – whichever one you choose:

    • Try not to place your phone on a mat, or soft surface, as this can muffle the ringer
    • Think about where your phone would be most convenient to you. You can add an extension cord to your phone line so you can move it to the best place in your home
    • Some phones can be wall mounted. This may help you if you have difficulty bending down
    • If you find the phone ringer isn't loud enough for you, you can get a free BT ToneCaller to give an added, louder alert when your phone rings.
      Find out more about the BT ToneCaller
    • If you choose a cordless phone, remember that the phone needs to have its battery charged regularly. Remember to return it to the base unit of the phone after you've used it, or at the end of the day.

    Buying a home phone

    We've chosen a range of phones we think you'll find most helpful to you – and we've listed them by the different ways they can help, so it's easier for you to find what you're looking for. If you're still not sure which phone is best for you why not visit one of our Try Before You Buy centres and try them out first.

    Find out more about our phones

  • Getting more from your phone

    We can help you do more with your phone than just make phone calls. We have calling features to take your messages for you, help you see who's calling before you answer and more.

    Find out about our calling features

    More ways to help you

    There may be other ways we can help you – if you have a fault with your phone line, if you are unable to pay your bill because of a stay in hospital and more.

    Find out about other ways we can help you

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Popular phones & services

Phone: BT Synergy 6500


  • Sight
  • Understanding & using technology
  • Mobility
  • Nuisance


Call Control enables you to filter the calls you want to take and block the ones you don't.

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Phone: BT Big Button 200


  • Sight
  • Dexterity & small buttons
  • Understanding & using technology

BT Big Button 200

It has large, well spaced buttons – ideal for anyone who struggles to see a smaller keypad.

Unwanted calls

Unwanted calls If you're having trouble with unwanted or malicious calls, there are several ways we can help.

Get help with unwanted calls

Try Before You Buy

We have over 200 Try Before You Buy centres around the country, so you can see and handle all our phones before you decide to buy.

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